Teaching Zone

Teaching is one of the most satisfying work for me. It is the most beautiful experience of reproducing my knowledge, connecting with the person and therefore building a beautiful relationship. I have done considerable observations on how I learn easily any topic and therefore I develop my unique style of pedagogy in Mathematical Sciences.

I have over 3+ years of experience in sharing the beauty of Mathematics.

For the first 2.5 years of my teaching life, I taught at various places, both individually and in institutes.


  • Faculty, Ramanujan School of Mathematics ( January 2018 – April 2019 ) (Course: ISI, CMI Entrance, Math Olympiad, MMath Course TA)
  • One to One with Sohini Chakrabarty (Offline) (Course: JEE Mathematics). She is currently studying Computer Science at VIT, Vellore.
  • One to One with Soumyajyoti Kundu (Offline) (Course: ISI, CMI Entrance). He is currently a B.Math student at Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore.
  • One to One Training with Abhinav Vajirala (Online) ( Course: Probability and Random Processes )


  • One to One Training with Poulami Chatterjee (Offline) ( Course: Undergraduate Mathematics )
  • Center for Cultivation of Mathematical Sciences (CCMS)
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