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This page is dedicated to the exam purposes of the students. I share my views on how to prepare for the exams, I have been successful in. My research views, my experiences as a student which may help.

This page is dedicated to the experiences of the student in me in the educational domain, with views on my own.

Here, I will share my outlook as well as others’ outlook which I like.

Questions Students and their Parents Ask Me

  • My Child is in Class 8 and has completed the Class 9 – 10 syllabus of School. How to train him for the 11 – 12 Syllabus? His aims are for ISI – CMI and doing good in Mathematics Olympiads.


From the parents’ perspective, they will obviously be concerned about the goal and the results. In fact, every people will look into that only. Obviously, you must be goal-oriented, but the success in achieving your goal will be your secondary purpose. The first will be your dedication and passion for the subject. You will only develop this if you can start understanding it yourself, do problems and develop a natural intuition towards it. These are the basic elements for research-oriented learning, which is very satisfying for a student. It also builds your problem-solving skills and gives you immense pleasure once you can answer a question yourself after asking the question yourself.

For learning purposes, I always suggest the book of Challenges and Thrills of Pre College Mathematics. The students can start this book if he/she loves to read and understand himself. It is appropriate for students from Class 8 to Class 10. You must first learn these chapters and test your learning by solving problems from the exercises. The duty of the parents will be checking how much you can proceed in the exercise zone. After one completes the book successfully, he or she will automatically become confident. My advice is to Focus on one good book, complete it. Repeat. Also, try problems from the actual examinations, and test your learning and skills. This is the basic way to approach. It is obviously easy to hear these than to apply. All the best!

  • How do I involve my son in challenging mathematics? He gets good marks in school tests but I think he is smarter than school curriculum?


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