Level 1 A

Level 1A is the junior batch of Math Olympiad Program of Cheenta Ganit Kendra.


To understand what I teach or share in Level 1 students, it is advantageous to have a knowledge of Algebra and Basic Arithmetic and a bit of Geometry.

Hello, Welcome to Level 1.

To get help on these topics, you can visit the Khan Academy Tutorials for Mathematics here. Go through the topics in details.

For the Algebra portion, go through

Algebra 1 will be done in details in the Level 1 course in a different and unique way.

Also, other elementary Mathematics can be learned from Khan Academy only.

Khan Academy is a complete package but Math is Fun is also a good alternative choice for reading purposes.

But after that Cheenta let the children learn to understand the world through the Lens of Mathematics.

Apart from that Cheenta will provide One to One Mentoring Sessions to boost your pre-requisite knowledge too.

All the best.

Enter into the world of Cheenta Mathematics.

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