Level 1A Classes

Well, you must have gone through the Level 1 Prerequisites.

Now let’s discover what we have to offer.

We introduce to you the Mathematics of Origami, Geometry of Numbers, Mathematics in Business, Coding, etc … by connecting various fields like sciences, art, business, etc.

Geometry of Numbers

We discussed some natural geometric structure numbers have. For example, 30 looks like a cube. So, we investigate properties of the geometric structure.
The required mathematical knowledge for this is Basic Divisibility of Natural Numbers and some Creative Ideas. Knowledge of Primes may help too.

Mean, Median and Mode and its Applications

We discussed how and when to mean, median and mode can be used in different scenarios. Understanding numbers are the required prerequisites. We gave examples in cricket regarding the runs of Virat Kohli. My intention was to understand mean, mode w.r.t real data.

The Dhaba Problem

In this problem, we discussed how do shopkeepers place their dhabas to maximize their profits. The Mathematical Knowledge required is Basic Algebra and Basic Inequality and Mathematical Modelling of a Real-Life Scenario.

Mathematics of Origami

In this problem, we discussed the beautiful math behind origami and some real-life applications of Origami.
The Mathematical Knowledge required is Elementary Euclidean Geometry, Creative Ideas, and Visualization of Figures.

The 3n+1 Algorithm

Here, we discussed the number theory problem called Collatz Conjecture. But we discussed certain problems regarding the problem. We also implemented the idea in the form of an algorithm and implemented in Python. Basic Requirement is just Arithmetic and Common Sense.

Algebra and Geometry (I – III)

Here, we discussed the elementary relationship between Algebra and Geometry, which gives rise to Coordinate Geometry. Also, we introduced them to the Equation of Lines and what do the parameters of a Line mean?. The prerequisite for this is Algebra Basics.

Al-Jibr (Algebra I) (I – )

We discussed the basics of Algebra. Addition and its Inverse Operation of Subtraction, and other operations. We introduce Quadratic Equations and the method to find the solutions by Sreedhar Acharya Method. Also, we did the idea of Completion of Square Method.

Clock – Rotato Arithmetic, The Arithmetic of Words

We discuss the basics of the Arithmetic of Clocks and also the Arithmetic of Rotations as Transformations. This has sown the seeds of the idea of Group Theory in the Cheentacians. Also, we understood the ideas of the Arithmetic of Words (among the arrangement of letters, say HOW) and represented each word as a transformation and found arithmetic among the words. We introduced the idea of the Identity element. We learned about Cayley’s Table.

Problem Solving Session (PSS) for Level 1 A

We introduce new theories by problem-solving. By problems, we interact together to solve them with appropriate and occasional hints.

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