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Cheenta Ganit Kendra is just another half of me. Cheenta was born in the hands of Ashani Da aka Ashani Dasgupta in 2010. I am so thankful to him for making such a beautiful place for us and giving me the opportunity to identify my own half to Cheenta.

Cheenta Ganit Kendra ( delivers world-class Math Olympiad and Research Mathematics Programs using a web-based interface. Our faculty team consists of ex-Olympians and researchers from leading universities of the world.

Since 2010, we have specialized exclusively on advanced mathematical training for brilliant school and college students. Today, Cheenta alumni are spread over 6 countries. Many of them are pursuing an enviable academic career at leading institutions such as TIFR, Oxford, Edinburgh, I.S.I., C.M.I., UIUC, University of North Carolina, UT Austin, etc.

Presently our team consists of 30 faculty members, admins, and over 120 brilliant students from all over the world. The expanded community serves about 500 alumni and 11,000 math enthusiasts through newsletters, mentoring and dialogs in advanced mathematics.

We have been doing, sharing and celebrating beautiful mathematics. We want the whole world to celebrate this festival of mathematics every day.

This page is dedicated to Cheenta. I never lose an opportunity to think about Cheenta (To Think) and write about it and spread and share Mathematics among all.

I have written this article for Cheenta.

I am currently the Faculty and Director of Cheenta Ganit Kendra.

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