About MathoMan

This page is dedicated to the Mathematical Soul in me. I call him the Matho Man because he never ceases to think about Mathematics and considers Mathematics his superpower and never thinks twice to share and help people gather the superpower. He has a very flexible visiting time with me. He is, therefore, a very important part of the Daily Srijit.

Also, neither does there exist any Mathematical Superhero before Matho Man. Why not be one?

Also, why not be a Matho Man instead of Macho Man?

About 5r1j1t

Let me introduce myself and the Daily Srijit.

General Information

My name is Srijit Mukherjee (Facebook).

I am currently living in Kolkata. I prefer my hostel over my home, for I love to be independent. I dislike people with bad vibes (even myself when I develop some).

I love life! I love knowledge! I love to share! I love to explore new dimensions of life both materialistic and spiritual. I know how the Placebo Effect and the Nocebo Effect can affect one’s life. I am romantic about life. I respect money. I love people. I love myself.

‘Academic’ Information

Although I love to learn anything, I have the privilege of having a formal education. I am currently pursuing my post-graduation in Statistics at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata after completing my graduation in Statistics from the same. I did my schooling from South Point High School, Kolkata. I am interested in research and collaborative activities.

“The Daily Srijit” Blog

The aim of The Daily Srijit is to share the thoughts and interesting knowledge I come across overall discipline varying from sex to spirituality. It is sort of my Open Journal.

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