About MathoMan

This page is dedicated to the Mathematical Soul in me. I call him the Matho Man to inspire all such similar souls out there. Each one out there, who still loves to sit there for hours solving a puzzle, this Matho Man title belongs to you.

Also, neither does there exist any Mathematical Superhero before Matho Man. Why not be one?

About 5r1j1t

Let me introduce myself.

General Information

My name is Srijit Mukherjee (Facebook).

I am currently living in Kolkata. I am a math educationalist. I am also a math and data enthusiast. I love kids. I am an amateur writer. I am serving the board of members of Cheenta Ganit Kendra. I love to play cricket. Explore my blog to know more about my taste.

‘Academic’ Information

Although I love to learn anything, I have the privilege of having a formal education. I am currently pursuing my post-graduation in Statistics at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata after completing my graduation in Statistics from the same. I did my schooling from South Point High School, Kolkata. I am interested in research and collaborative activities.

“The Soul” Blog

The Soul is an effort to gather polished healthy thoughts, experiences, and intuitions, that I want to share with the people. The name The Soul is given to aptly describe my innate habit of listening to and acting for my Soul.

Click the picture below to explore my other blog The Soul.

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